Driveways & Parking Lots


Beausoleil Bros. Inc is a family owned and operated full service paving RI business. We are ready to meet all your paving needs and much more. From when you first call for an estimate and until your job is complete. As parking lot and driveway contractors, we know that the

Tennis Court Construction

tennis court paving

It’s no secret that asphalt is a popular choice for tennis court paving construction. For one, it requires little or no maintenance and is easy to install. Among those who find asphalt a durable, flat surface are private homeowners, schools and municipalities, and apartments.

Basketball Court Paving

basketball court paving ri

Basketball court paving with asphalt is very popular nowadays because it allows construction to be faster, more cost effective and more efficient compared to other materials. Also, it’s easily serviceable so when there is a crack, it can be repaired quickly. This is the reason why

“Beausoleil Bros. did an exceptional job of paying attention to the fine details. As of matter of fact, they did more than what was expected of them. It is obvious that this company takes pride in what they do. They exceeded the standard in every way. The Western Coventry Community and children will enjoy their fine workmanship for may years to come.”