Basketball court paving with asphalt is very popular nowadays because it allows construction to be faster, more cost effective and more efficient compared to other materials. Also, it’s easily serviceable so when there is a crack, it can be repaired quickly. This is the reason why many schools and residential areas prefer to have asphalt material to be used in their basketball courts.

The advantages of using asphalt when considering your basketball court paving.

basketball court paving riSmooth pavement– Since paving of asphalt concrete is done through machine, it creates a uniform surface that cannot be equaled by other types of pavement materials. The use of asphalt eliminates problems in construction such as blowups and noisy surface texture.

Cost effective – In basketball court paving, the cost of asphalt pad with painted lines and its installation are less expensive compared to other construction materials.

Safety from accidents – A basketball court made of appropriately smooth asphalt, is free from risk of accidents for players.

Staged construction – In this process, initial construction is done by laying the asphalt base; then, it is overlaid with the final surface. This process improves the on-site conditions, gets rid of muddy soils, and sets aside an area to place the construction equipment and materials.

However, some people are worried that asphalt basketball court paving is not durable especially if it is not painted. Just like concrete, its major enemies are large trees with big roots that are near the playground because they can cause cracks on the asphalt. But when it comes to wear and tear, a basketball court built in the backyard will have more lasting life than a standard driveway.

Here are designing basketball court paving guidelines.

Appropriate size of a professional basketball court – Length of 94 feet and width of 50 feet. For a high school size, the length is 84 feet and the width is 50 feet.Backboard dimensions – For a rectangular size backboard, the height should be 48 inches, and the width is 74 inches. The size of fan backboard is usually 35 inches high and 54 inches wide.There should be an unobstructed area of at least three feet wide on the sidelines and outside the end lines.


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