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driveway contractors riAs parking lot and driveway contractors, we know that the aesthetics of the driveway and parking lot may sometimes be overlooked by some homeowners and companies, but to many people, they consider these areas equally important with their homes and buildings. They serve as gateways through which people pass when they come and leave the premises. The first impression of visitors is very important to homeowners and companies because it affects their reputation.

According to most parking lot and driveway contractors the cost is another important factor to consider. In cost comparison, a professionally- installed concrete costs around 3 to 12 dollars per square foot, while a professionally paved asphalt surface costs about 1 to 6 dollars per square foot.

When the owners are wise in deciding to select asphalt to pave these important areas, they are assured of an attractive surface that allows them to have a low maintenance cost.

Designing an attractive and functional asphalt driveway or parking lot

Maximum parking capacity should be provided. At the same time, safety and convenience must be ensured. Factors such as pedestrian visibility, sidewalk trafficflow,obstructions and signs should not be overlooked. Consideration should also be provided to handicap parking. Bicycle and motorcycle areas for parking should also be considered. After completing the project, the driveway or parking lot should be functional, pleasing to the eyes, and fits the overall appearance of the building.

Most of developers prefer the stageconstructionbecause it provides the advantage of having an adequate,all-weather resistant pavementin doing the initial construction of the area. If there is any damage in Stage 1 pavement, repairs can be done easily before the final surface begins.

Specifications that should be followed in construction

In paving a 3 inch depth of asphalt parking lot, the following should be considered.

Stage 1, constructing a 1 1/2 inches depth of HMA or Hot Mix Asphalt.

Stage 2, paving the final surface consisting of 1 1/2 inches set at a certain time in the future. The gravel base should have a thickness of 2 to 8 inches depending on soil conditions.The thickness of the individual lift should be 3 times the nominal size aggregate.

Many people have been thinking of constructing their own driveway or parking lot, but don’t have any idea where to start. With these guidelines, they don’t have to worry, and they can begin their projects anytime. Beausoleil Bros. Inc. are parking lot and driveway contractors who are ready to start your project when your ready.

We’re residential and commercial parking lot and driveway contractors who also like to specialize in tennis courts, basketball courts, site work, excavating, cobblestone work, tar & stone.


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