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It’s no secret that asphalt is a popular choice for tennis court paving. For one, it requires little or no maintenance and is easy to install. Among those who find asphalt a durable, flat surface are private homeowners, schools and municipalities, and apartments. Many of them even use asphalt tennis courts for other activities including basketball. Court owners can also customize them to suit their preferences in terms of color, speed and cushioning.
If you’re looking to build a hard court on a budget while keeping quality in mind, choose asphalt as your tennis court paving material.

Some Essential Components of a Tennis Court

Builders usually offer two types of tennis court paving: standard tennis courts and cushioned tennis courts.

Constructing starts with installing the stone base and asphalt. After the asphalt has been cured for two weeks, builders begin the color coating process. To make sure the asphalt surface is even, the tennis court will be flooded to reveal any low or uneven areas. Builders will then apply coats of acrylic resurfacing materials over the surface to fix minor imperfections and another layers of acrylic court paint. Builders paint the playing lines to finish.

You can control the pace of the ball by having sand added to the acrylic resurfacing material and acrylic court paint. You can also choose from the variety of paint colors available.

Choosing Between Standard and Cushioned

While the standard type is easier and cheaper to install, it can be hard on the body and joints. This is where cushioned courts come in. They make playing more comfortable on the asphalt tennis court. Tennis court paving construction companies usually apply 5 to 9 coats of rubberized cushioning surface in between the acrylic court paint and acrylic resurfacing material. What comes next are multiple coats of high-grade and fine-grade rubber granules. These additional materials make cushioned asphalt tennis courts more expensive.

An asphalt tennis court is a good investment. Make the most out of it by using the right materials. There are qualified professionals who can build you a sturdy recreational surface. They can also help maintain and prevent your tennis court from fading, peeling or cracking.

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